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"Just had my works van nissan interstar and my Audi A4 (both diesels) Terracleaned and already feal a significant change in better running and more torque through the gearbox ! Also been informed that mpg will rise significantly ! Lovely job Quality car service centre Granby Milton Keynes , Well worth the expense also of having both engines remapped to give me total quality driving experience ! Great job !!!!!"

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vauxhall astra 1.7tdi 2002

"i had this terraclean done today on my Vauxhall astra 1.7tdi today.as soon as the car was finished and i pulled away i could feel the difference in pulling power. i am very pleased of what they done. i found them on line. I'm so glad i found them. i will recommend them to my friends and family.well done "

Posted By:

mr r.a.dennis

Rover 216GSi

"I had a Terraclean at my local agent J Lawley garages in Halesowen. The car is a '93 model Rover 216 with Honda D16 engine. I had two flat spots during acceleration up to 3,000 rpm and my fuel economy had dropped from 39mpg to about 35mpg. The flat spots made the car feel old and tired. After the Terraclean the flat spots had completely gone and the mpg economy was restored, giving 39.5mpg on a run which for a '93 car is amazing and is probably the best economy figure I've ever achieved. I shall probably be pencilling in another clean as my 2 years is up - I k now I won't see as much improvement this time, but with town driving I want to stay on top of engine coking now I know it causes these problems. Fantastic product and service and I have been recommending this to people since I had my car treated."

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BMW 530i

"I had my 2005 BMW 530i cleaned using Terraclean in March this year, as I noticed the MOT emmisions were showing that the HC content was running at 164ppm and the limit is 200ppm. The car had done 134,000 miles and was running ok but fuel consumption was not as good as it used to be. After the clean the performance expecially at low revs was much better with noticably more torque. The engine is much quieter and smoother. The HC value was crushed and it is now down to 13ppm! The CO level also dropped by 30%. The fuel consumption is much better and is 3 to 5 mpg better than it was. I would highly recommend Terraclean to anyone as it really works. "

Posted By:

Dennis Staines


"Mark Clark has been brilliant and went above and beyond to help fix the problem with my Audi. Excellent service provided, reliable and no hidden costs Would definitely recommend and use again if needed in the future Thank you Mark !"

Posted By:

Kevin Elkington

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