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DPF Cleaning Dilemma - What TerraClean can do for you

by Mark Clennell News

For many, the term “Diesel Particulate Filter” or “DPF” causes an adverse response - partly because they are unaware of the DPF cleaning options available.

What is a DPF?

It’s a part of your diesel vehicle’s emissions system which is designed to reduce harmful emissions by trapping many of the carcinogenic particles.

What DPF problems do owners have ?

DPFs have developed a reputation for constantly blocking, putting cars into “limp mode” and basically creating un-necessary costs to owners.

Can I have the DPF removed ?

Well some people do, but that is illegal and doing so means the harmful particles it is designed to capture are being released into our towns and cities. So many owners, for this and other reasons, are abandoning diesel and going back to petrol rather than considering talking to an expert about causes of DPF problems and DPF cleaning.

Buy a petrol car so no DPF cleaning needed - Problem solved – or is it?

Well No. Many manufacturers have Petrol Particle Filters in their plans, in fact some petrol vehicles already operate them, e.g. some Mercedes S Class (M256 & M176).

So what can owners of Diesel cars with blocked DPFs do?

For us it’s key that people understand that DPFs do not simply block because the unit is faulty. There are plenty of people in the supply chain very happy to replace these very costly components. The component forms just part of a complex system and relies upon other, components working correctly to function. So when the warning light comes on, try to get the car to regenerate (self-clean). There are instructions on how to do this in our FAQs. If that does not work call your local TerraClean dealer, they can do diagnostics to identify why the unit is not self-cleaning and blocking. It may then require replacement of a substantially less expensive component, such as a temperature sensor. If badly blocked TerraClean dealers can carry our DPF cleaning or DPF unblocking. Replacement is a last resort. Don’t be talked into it without speaking to one of our team first. Don't just take our word for it, check out what The AA have to say.

DPF Cleaning Resources

For more information on how we can clean your DPF check this TerraClean You Tube Video Alternatively there are off vehicle services for removing Ash from DPFs.

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