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How much does a new DPF cost?

by Mark Clennell News

How much does a new DPF cost?

‘How much does a new DPF cost?’ is becoming a more frequently-asked question by customers of the motor trade. The reason is simple: DPFs, compulsory in every diesel vehicle made since 2009, and found in many more manufactured before that date, are now failing in huge numbers. ‘Blocked DPF’ is an increasingly popular search term on Google. And when they do fail, customers are being quoted exorbitant prices by main dealers to replace the part. The owner of this Range Rover was asked for £2,500 to replace his DPF, before he came to a TerraClean dealer and discovered there was a better, cheaper way – more on that later.

Why are they so expensive?

The DPF is a large section of the exhaust system, unlike the air, oil, fuel or pollen filters, is not intended to be replaced easily, it needs to be done by a professional with diagnostic tools, to ensure the ECU knows it has been replaced. Main dealers charge huge amounts for the parts and labour – even in an inexpensive family car, the bill can reach four figures. A New DPF for prestige cars, as seen in the Range Rover above can top £3,000. Some high-mileage cars have been faced with bills for a new DPF that is almost equal to the value of the vehicle. Cheaper after-market (ie unofficial) DPFs are available, but are still expensive compared to the alternatives. Also aftermarket units do not have as much of the “filtration” core as an original so are prone to blocking up more quickly. TerraClean does not advocate using aftermarket standard replacements. As always, the key is ONLY TO REPLACE THE PART IF NECESSARY. The sheer cost of replacing a DPF has led to many people considering illegal solutions, such as complete removal of the DPF. It has always been illegal to permanently remove a factory-fitted DPF, and now changes to MOT tests, introduced in May 2018, are aiming to clamp down on the act.

Why do DPFs fail?

There can be many reasons for a DPF failure, but they broadly fit into two categories: either there is a fault elsewhere with the engine that is causing the DPF to become blocked, or they are not being driven in the manner which will enable the unit to self-clean (regenerate). TerraClean FAQs explain how to initiate regeneration. Issues in the engine can include a clogged EGR valve, faulty fuel injectors, incorrect engine oil being used, failing turbo, and so on. Or, a DPF can block if a car is only used for short journeys, which does not give the exhaust chance to grow hot enough and begin its self-cleaning cycle.

Are there any alternatives to replacing/buying a new DPF?

Yes. There are options available, and DPF cleaning is now one of our most-requested services amongst our 500-plus dealers nationwide. We have already carried out thousands of DPF cleaning procedures, saving our customers thousands upon thousands of pounds in the process using TerraClean patented equipment. TerraClean dealers are regularly called into other garages, including franchised car dealers to resolve DPF related problems. Alternatively if the DPF is blocked with oil or ash, which simply cannot be cleaned by any system whilst the unit is on the vehicle, TerraClean dealers have access to our Total DPF Solutions system which will remove oil & ash.

Symptom vs cause

It is crucial to note that replacing or cleaning a blocked DPF will not, in itself, cure the problem. A blocked DPF is a symptom of a problem so the professional should be seeking to identify the root cause. Only when the cause has been diagnosed and eradicated will a clean, or even a brand-new replacement, be effective in the long-run. TerraClean service centre technicians have been trained to diagnose and understand how to resolve problems with your vehicle. Once the issue has been resolved, if necessary, the clean will be done. Before you look at replacing your DPF, try TerraClean. You can find your nearest TerraClean dealer by entering your postcode at the bottom of this page. More:


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