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Mobile phones - cracking down on motorists using hand-held devices

by Steve Bradley Information

In a report conducted by the Department for Transport (DfT) it stated that 445,000 motorists were found to be using their mobile phones while operating a vehicle, these figures include both moving and stationary traffic. While it is a small decrease on the previous year, these figures are still alarmingly high. The report found that a large majority of offenders were caught in urban built-up areas, during weekends and weekday-evenings.

In 2017 alone 43 people were killed on UK roads in collisions involving motorists using their mobile phones. Even with new cars fitted with technology that allows mobile phones to be used safely through Bluetooth. Take 10 minutes or ask a friend to help you link the phone to the car. It’s so simple to make it link every time you step into the car, so why do drivers still feel the need to use their phones?

As of March 2017, anyone caught using a hand-held device while behind the wheel of a motorised vehicle will be handed a fine of £200 and 6 points on their licence. Though sadly this has not deterred some people from using them.

Australian authorities believe they may have found a way of catching mobile using motorists. They have introduced a high-tech camera system that works similarly to a speed camera to catch them in the act. Though there are no plans to roll out this technology on UK roads.

Cracking down on motorists using mobile phones is very important and getting into the habit of storing your phone somewhere that it won’t be a distraction is a good first step.

Something as innocent as paying for a drive-thru meal with Apple or Android Pay is technically a breach of laws surrounding using hand-held devices. This could lead you to a fine and points on your licence.

Do you still use your phone when driving? When will you stop? When somebody you know is killed by a phone-using motorist?

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