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Tales from TerraClean - reducing emissions through carbon cleaning - examples of our work

by Mark Clennell News

Tales from TerraClean - reducing emissions through carbon cleaning - examples of our work

TerraClean offers engine carbon cleaning services that can reach parts of the engine and reduce emissions that many alternatives on the market simply cannot. By removing carbon and other unwanted build-ups, we can improve engine performance, reduce emissions and improve the lifespan of critical components. If you have a blocked DPF, we can even clean those, too. We have thousands of examples of our work from satisfied customers and have highlighted a few common examples of how TerraClean can benefit your vehicle. Before you read on, please remember three things:

  1. These are all totally genuine stories from our dealers and their customers!
  2. Results may vary according to your vehicle's age, mileage, make and model.
  3. If you want to find your nearest TerraClean dealer, just add your postcode to the search bar at the top of this page and it'll take you right to your local TerraClean supplier.

Failed on emissions?

Reducing Emissions - Van Carbon Clean

The owner of this van took it to one of our 500+ UK authorised service centres for an MOT but it failed on emissions. He decided to sort the problem himself with a mini service and a good blast to clear the emissions. He brought the van back a week later but it still failed. As a professional valeter he understands the importance of keeping certain parts of a vehicle clean – we explained how TerraClean will keep other parts of his vehicle clean. We did a standard preventative maintenance clean on his van and tested it again, it passed on a single “Fast Pass” in the MOT opacity test. If you have concerns about your vehicle passing its MOT, have warning lights on or simply want to keep the vehicle running at its best – call us today.

Another emissions failure

Emissions reduction after TerraClean

The owner of a stunning Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII came to a TerraClean dealer for help because his car was failing its MOT on emissions, with a CO reading of 0.28%. One TerraClean later, and the reading was down to 0.05% - well below the limit.

Blocked DPF caused by blocked EGR valve

Blocked DPF - reducing emissions

This particular Lexus IS220d needed a spot of TLC. The owner had been quoted over £3,000 elsewhere to replace a blocked DPF, caused by a blocked EGR valve. It took our TerraClean dealer just under three hours, charging a fraction of the price, to get the car running just as Lexus intended.

Improved performance

Engine improvement after TerraClean - reduced emissions

The owner of this Japanese import Subaru Legacy Spec.B wanted to make sure his car was performing as well as it possibly could be. He reported an improvement in both performance and fuel consumption from the 2.0 turbo engine.

Blocked DPF after ignoring warning light

Improvements after TerraClean - reduced emissions

The owner of this Vauxhall ignored the service warnings on the car, and when the DPF became blocked, they ignored that light, too! Result? A totally blocked DPF that could not regenerate and an undriveable car! Our TerraClean dealer carefully checked there were no other faults (there wasn't), then performed a specialised DPF clean, along with an oil and filter service. The car was back operating at full power and the owner saved £££s on a new DPF.   Want to find out how a TerraClean could benefit your vehicle? Pop your postcode into the form below to get in touch with your local TerraClean dealer.   Read more:


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