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The Truth About TerraClean

by Steve Bradley News

The Truth About TerraClean


TerraClean Sceptics... Every great new product has them, from the latest fat loss pill, to the hot off the press new hi-tech tablet. The sceptics are on one side of the chasm - the early adopters and experienced professionals perhaps on the other. Which leads nicely onto –

What is the truth about TerraClean?

If you’re a car enthusiast and you haven’t heard about TerraClean, where have you been, and if you’re a sceptic about TerraClean or perhaps looking for something that can offer you better performance and efficiency then this blog is for you. The British public love their automobiles, from the loyal Top Gear followers to the car aficionados, so when a new “fabo” product hits the market, which promises all the bells and whistles, it’s natural to be sceptical… right? I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly and I’m not one to be easily swayed said a garage owner from London … so intrigued by all the TerraClean hype, this guy  – who is now one of our dealers - decided to put this product to the test, through their very own “TerraClean Boot Camp” – to establish the cold facts. So first up:


To use an analogy: If you’re a "Saturday take your car to the car wash type of guy", or a "Sunday before dinner, wash, wax and car polish connoisseur", you’ll understand that irrespective of age – all vehicles require a good clean and every now and again, a professional once-over to maintain their bodywork lustre. TerraClean is on the flip side of that coin, advertised to offer you all that and more but… for your car engine. So for advocates of new technology, but with so much fluff and hype out there… only if it works. So always the sceptic – without further ado let’s get into the results of their boot camp. 


TerraClean… Wax on Wax off In simple terms, what TerraClean accomplishes is to give your entire fuel system a well-deserved “wax on, wax off ” spring clean, by knuckling down on decarbonising your car’s fuel system, together with the oxygen sensor and the catalytic converter, EGR and DPF (whichever is fitted). So TerraClean really is an advanced decarbonising solution for your car – ok but why all the hype? Right now, in this economy with fuel prices rocketing, money in your pocket is king. Whether you want to restore your car’s efficiency or you want to maximise its performance, one treatment of TerraClean can save you digging deep into your pockets long term. Through the TerraClean boot camp, they tested and measured a notable increase in vehicle performance, so much so that if your car is slightly older in age, there’s a good chance it will feel like you’ve rolled back the years to when you had that responsive edge. For the ever-conscious (and growing) eco-car tribe out there, across all vehicles they tested there was also a notable reduction in harmful emissions – which in turn will help TerraClean users to do their bit for the environment.

“Quitfuel pumpse simply, TerraClean works”

Hand over fist, conscious car owners nationwide have been attracted to the TerraClean technology, approaching 250K now done in the UK, with some vehicle owners travelling lengthy distances to have TerraClean treatments and many making it part of their annual service. Although prices may vary, what’s crucially important is to make sure that your car is serviced by an authorised TerraClean dealer, because believe you me – this is not something you want to get wrong, and I warn you now, TerraClean treatments do require an expert. With all of the above is seems like a home run for TerraClean… but perhaps not, everything has it flaws.  

TerraClean Downsides…?

Although TerraClean responded exceptionally well with slightly older, higher compression, multi- valve, petrol and diesel, and direct injection engines, we found that with newer vehicles the increase in performance was negligible.   In the know - The Truth about TerraClean Sorry to get slightly technical, but to help you understand this better; when TerraClean is applied, carbon deposits are removed from the entire fuel system, including the oxygen sensors. TerraClean uses advanced chemistry to decarbonise the engine system from harsh additives. The chemicals used in TerraClean are safe for the user, the vehicle, as well as the environment, and is totally different from treatments where detergents and other solvents are used to clean cars, which emit emission after the cleaning services. So naturally then, newer or lower mileage cars will have less carbon deposits on their elements, less carbon additives to remove, hence the measured upturn in performance (understandably so), will be less. Perhaps this is a possible TerraClean thumbs down for newer, lower mileage cars. But irrespective… the TerraClean technology does what it says on the tin, and is the only decarbonising treatment of its kind that unassumingly works, in their opinion.  

Sceptic or not, TerraClean is no fad.

And, the hype? Well… it’s deserved. So, if you want something special, reasonably priced, to save you money on fuel, and importantly something that actually works for your car and the environment, cross the TerraClean chasm and get in touch, any of the 500 dealers would love to help. To find your nearest dealer and let them tell you the truth about TerraClean, put your postcode in the search bar above! Remember there are now many alternatives in the marketplace, as a customer said to us recently, using a spin on somebody else’s tag line. It’s not just any Carbon Clean, it’s a TerraClean. Treat yourself.  


I don’t know a great deal about Canada, I know the Olympics have been hosted there and that it’s a beautiful country. But what I do know is that TerraClean was born out of a result of fierce competition between companies to develop decarbonising products formulated from existing technologies. The truth about TerraClean, is that it was a scientific accident, a breakthrough that was unintentionally discovered, as a result of a committed crew of environmentally responsible Canadian scientists.  They were attempting to create a very low emission combustion engine of which the birth child is – TerraClean.  Since then, the technology has evolved to become the best decarbonising solution for car engines – the rest, as they say is history.

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