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What Do You Think About Electric Vehicles

by Mark Clennell Information

Are Electric Vehicle's really the future?

Alongside the progression of range that Electric Vehicle's (EV) have, we are seeing new technology introduced to traditional combustion engines. This includes self-braking and higher range hybrid engines. If EV’s truly were the future of the industry, would manufacturers still be developing combustion engine models? The number of car manufacturers with an electric vehicle in their portfolio is rising. A surge in demand in the UK has caused many companies including Vauxhall and Peugeot to join the trend.

What are cons of EV’s?

EV’s are becoming more popular, however because many car brands haven’t dealt with an EV before they aren’t always getting it right first time. Range - Most EV’s don’t have a very great range, the new Tesla model 3 comes with a standard 250+ mile range, only 49 miles greater than Vauxhalls new Electric Corsa. This goes to show that even the most innovative of companies are struggling to improve range. To put it into perspective you could not go from Newcastle to London without recharging. Pricing – other than range this is the most discussed issue. For example if you want to treat yourself to something a bit more flash such as a BMW, the BMW i-3 is their cheapest option with entry level at £35,000+, simply not affordable to most people. Peugeot have recently released a new 208 model and an electric version to go with it. However the electric model Peugeot 208 sits at £25,050 which is almost £10,000 more than the combustion engine, same car - different powertrain. Are the public motivated by EV’s to the point they’ll be willing to spend an extra £10,000, just to go green? Are you? There are other problems including, lack of choice and a long “re-fueling” time. These issues may make it difficult for the EV industry to make itself the main choice for consumers looking to buy a new car.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to EV’s. They are part of a future investment in our planet to make it greener. Many manufacturers are becoming a part of the greener movement in hope to make our society more sustainable. Greener - EV’s have no/zero exhaust emissions. Carbon monoxide is released from a traditional combustion engine, which we know is bad for the environment. Quick – The technology results in instant torque. Tesla offer “ludicrous mode” on some of their S model's which allows it to hit 0-60 in just 2.4 seconds. This is extremely fast and still doesn’t produce any direct emissions from the exhaust. A car of this caliber such as the La Ferrari FXX K has the same 0-60 time, however the Ferrari sits at 2.5 million euros. That’s about 2.4 million euro more expensive than the Tesla. Can be “re-fueled” at your home – plug it in for more electricity. At Terraclean we want to maximize environmental sustainability. Many of our services offer a reduction in emissions, which can help achieve an MOT pass and contribute towards a cleaner environment for you, your family and your community.

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